About Us

We are a team of HS students and activists across the country, fighting for student-issues of discrimination, educational equality, gender equality, and the power of the protest. We are composed of various High School club affiliates from GSA, Womens’ rights, JSA, and Young Dems. We believe that our diversity as an organization is important as we continue to fight for intersectional issues on a diverse platform. Together, we are focused on ensuring that each student has equity in the political system. We want to fight to ensure that each student is not just treated equally but is also given the proper resources to succeed. And thus, we work together on national initiatives that concern equity for students of all socioeconomic backgrounds, races, and genders.

We fight on the National Scale through our initiatives to promote educational equity and progressive student policies. As young people, we have the reservoir of progressive power needed to fight for change in the country and as organization, we act to harness it. We connect youth advocates who share our vision across the country for our national initiatives on student issues. Whether we are targeting change at a school board or national level, we act to ensure that our community of young activists have the resources and connections they need to fight for positive reform. As part of our commitment to equity, we ensure that we involve teachers, students, local communities, and organizations of all scales into our movement, so it truly reflects the intersectional change we are fighting for. On the local level, our community of activists can be seen influencing local decisions, whether it is at a city-council meeting, a local campaign, or other organizations which share our vision.

We strive to fight for equity on both the national and local scale with a diverse group of individuals. We wish for you to be a part of our journey!

Our Latest Initiative: History on Trial:

History on Trial is a national, state, and hyper-local campaign led by high-school students to restructure U.S. history textbooks in the name of an honest history.